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Pushpa: The Rise

Release Year - 2021
# 1
Brand ka thappa aadmi ke kapdon mein nahi hota hai ... character mein hota hai
The stamp of a brand isn't found on the clothes that one wears ... it's found in their character
# 2
Pushpa naam sunke flower samjhe kya ... fire hai main
You thought that I'm a flower hearing my name Pushpa ... but I'm fire
# 3
Main idhar kisi ke phatte mein taang adane ko nahi aaya ... raj karne ke liye aaya main
I didn't come here to stick my foot into someone else's matter ... I've come here to rule
# 4
Samne koi bhi ho ... main jhukega nahi
It doesn't matter who's in front of me ... I simply won't bow down
# 5
Tum ek time pe ek goli chalaoge ... main ek time pe sath kulhadi chalaunga ... kiske zyada tukde honge soch lo
At one time you'll fire one bullet ... but I'll swing 60 axes at one time ... just think who's going to be chopped into more pieces
# 6
Nadi paar karne ke baad naiyya aur ek raat ke baad chammiya mere kisi kaam ki nahi hoti
A boat after crossing the river and a girl after a one night stand aren't of any use to me
# 7
Naav mein behet kar jaal phekna bahut aasaan hai ... pani mein utrega toh badi machliyan kha jayengi
It's very easy to sit in a boat and throw the net ... but if you get in the water then the big fish will eat you up
# 8
Agar mujh mein zara si bhi saansein bach gayi na ... toh pataal mein bhi dauda dauda ke maarunga tum logon ko
Even if a few breaths are left in me ... then too I'll torture you guys in hell and kill you
# 9
Sau wala kaam karega toh kaide mein rahega ... hazar wala kaam karega toh faide mein rahega
If you do the work that pays Rs.100 then you'll be within the rules ... if you do the work that pays Rs.1000 then you'll be in profit
Song Lyrics - Pushpa: The Rise
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