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Ginny Weds Sunny

Release Year - 2020
# 1
Dil ke matter mein dimaag ko laaoge na ... toh forever lonely reh jaaoge
If you use your brain in the matter of your heart ... then you'll be lonely forever
# 2
Har rishtey ki destiny alag hoti hai ... aur woh toh chance deke hi pata chalti hai
Every relationship has a different destiny ... and we only come to know about it after we give it a chance
# 3
Badhon ka kaha aur amla ka khaya ... baad mein hi raas aata hai
Suggestion from elders and food made from gooseberry ... their benefits come to life later on only
# 4
Hum Punjabiyon ke paas aur hai hi kya ... ek emotions, ek paneer
We Punjabi's have nothing but ... emotions and cottage cheese
# 5
Gobar deto ho aur expect karte ho cake samajhke kha loon
You give me cow dung and you expect me to eat it like cake
# 6
Woh doodh hai toh main khatta nimbu ... phatt ke na zindagi ka paneer ban gaya hai
She's like milk and I'm like sour lemon ... together our life has exploded and turned into cottage cheese
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