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Class Of 83

Release Year - 2020
# 1
Police system ek aisa sikka hai jiske do side hote hai ... ek side law aur doosra order
The police system is a coin that has two sides ... on one side there's law and on the other side there's order
# 2
Kabhi kabhi order banaye rakhne ke liye ... law ko bali chadana padta hai
Sometimes to maintain order ... you have to sacrifice the law
# 3
Har body ka immune system hota hai ... government bodies, educational bodies, judicial bodies, yeh sab mazboot qilay hai ... inka immune system itna sakht hota hai ke inhe bahar ki maar se hilaya nahi ja sakta ... inhe andar se bimaari ki tarah sadana padta hai
Every body has an immune system ... government bodies, educational bodies, judicial bodies, these are all strong like forts ... their immune system is so strong that you can't even shake them from the outside ... you have to destroy them like a disease from inside
# 4
You have the will to kill ... lekin field mein kaam aata hai skill to survive
You have the will to kill ... but in the field you need the skill to survive
# 5
Wardaat ki location par mostly wohi dikhta hai joh criminal police ko dikhana chahta hai ... aur joh woh chupa deta hai woh sach hota hai
At the incident location you mostly see what the criminal wants to show to the police ... and the things that he hides are the truth
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