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Vodka Diaries

Release Year - 2018
# 1
Yeh sochna galat hai ki tum par nazar nahi ... masroof main bahut hoon magar bekhabar nahi
It's wrong to think that I'm not focusing on you ... I'm very busy but I'm not unaware
# 2
Yeh ishq kya hai ... sulagti saansein, tarasti aankhen, machalti roohein, dhadakti chattiyan
What is love ... burning breaths, yearning eyes, restless souls, fast beating hearts
# 3
Maazi ki raakh mit'te toh chingaariyan mile ... beshak kisiko chaho, magar is qadar nahi
You'll find embers in the ashes of the past ... you can love someone, but not to this extent
# 4
Joh vaadiyon mein utar rahi hai gagan se aakar ... joh parvaton par bikhar rahi hai safed chaddar ... wohi toh main hoon ... joh in darakhton ke sabz patton pe khelti hai ... joh oos bankar har ek mausam ko jhelti hai ... wohi toh main hoon
The one who is landing from the skies into the valleys ... the one who has spread on the mountains like a white sheet ... I'm that person ... the one who plays on the green leaves of these trees ... the one who bears every season becoming dew drops ... I'm that person
# 5
Dilon ki baatein dilon ke andar zara si zid se dabbi hui hai ... main sun'na chahun zubaan se sab kuch ... woh karna chahe nazar se battiya
Due to a little bit of stubbornness the conversations of the heart are stuck in the heart ... I want to listen to everything through words ... but she wants to communicate using the eyes
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