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Release Year - 1968
# 1
Raakh ko koi kitna bhi dehkai ... woh aag nahi ban sakti
No matter how much one blows the ash ... it can't turn into fire
# 2
Aatma aur parmatma, tapasya aur vardaan, dharm aur satya ke beech bahut kam antar hai ... phir bhi usse paar karne ka maarg bahut lamba hai
The difference between a soul and the supreme soul, meditation and blessing, religion and truth is very less ... but still the path to cross that is very long
# 3
Apne mann mein base hue purush ko nikalkar ... bhagya se paye hue pati ko devta maan lena nari hi kar sakti hai ... issi liye Bharat ki nari ko devi kaha jaata hai
Only a woman can forget the man who is in her heart ... and adopt the husband found through destiny as god ... that's why an Indian woman is called a goddess
# 4
Ankahi bahut si baatein hai ... kuch keh lenge, shayad kuch reh jayengi
There are a lot of things unsaid ... we'll say a few, and may be some will get leftover
# 5
Is duniya mein jiske haath mein talwar hai ... wohi jee sakta hai
In this world the one who has a sword in his hand ... only he'll be able to live
# 6
Birha ki aag mein jalte hue purush ki hridaya ki jwala ... updesh ke ghee se nahi bhujti ... usse prem, daya, mamta ke gangajal se hi shaant kiya ja sakta hai
The flame burning in the heart of a man due to the fire of separation ... can't be erased with the clarified butter of advice ... but it can be eased down with the holy water of love, mercy and affection
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