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Release Year - 1968
# 1
Joh kho diya uska gila nahi mujhe ... joh kabhi pa saka tha bas uska naaz hai
I don't repent on what I have lost ... I am only proud of what I was able to achieve
# 2
Jawani ka mausam zindagi bhar nahi rehta ... jab tak hai aao dhoom machate hai
The season of youth doesn't stay for the entire life ... but let's celebrate until it's there
# 3
Insaan yaadon ke sahare nahi, umeedon ke sahare jeeta hai ... log mitt jaate hai, zindagi nahi mitati ... woh hamesha aage badti rehti hai, kisi naye sahare ke umeed mein
A human doesn't live on the support of memories, he lives on the support of hopes ... people die, but life doesn't die ... it always keeps moving ahead, in hope of some new support
# 4
Zindagi ki khushi duniya ko pa lene mein nahi ... apne aap ko kho dene mein hai
Happiness in life is not about achieving the world ... it is about forgetting yourself
# 5
Wahin hai duniya, wahin hai swarg mera ... jahan tum ho, jahan tum ho, jahan tum ho
My world is there, my heaven is there ... where you are, where you are, where you are
# 6
Zindagi ki asli khushi doosron ko khush karke haasil ki jaati hai
True happiness in life is achieved by making others happy
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