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Neel Kamal

Release Year - 1968
# 1
Bhagwan jin do aatmaon ko ek bandhan mein band dete hai ... wohi sansar mein janam lekar vivah bandhan mein bandte hai
The two souls that god connects into one bond ... they take birth in this world and get connected with the bond of marriage
# 2
Shahi talwarein mohabbat ki gardan par chalti rahi hai ... lekin mohabbat ka naam hamesha roshan hota raha hai
Royal swords have charged the neck of love since a long time ... but the name of love has always been shining
# 3
Aashiqkon ki chittaon par lagenge har baras mele ... ishq par marne waalon ka yahi baqi nishaan hoga
There will be exhibitions every year on the pyres of lovers ... and that will be the eternal sign of those who die for love
# 4
Har dam duayen dena, har lamha aahen bharna ... unka bhi kaam karlo aur apna bhi kaam karna
Always give blessings and every moment take a sigh ... do their work and my work as well
# 5
Chinta mat karo ... chinta karna bhagwan ka bharosa khona hai
Don't worry ... because worrying is like losing trust in god
# 6
Murghe jaisi taange inki, bandar jaisa chehra ... yeh joh mere ghar aayenge baandke sar pe sehra?
He has the legs of a chicken and the face of a monkey ... he will come to my house with a turban tied on his head?
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