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Release Year - 1987
# 1
Josh mein koi burai nahi lekin usse hosh ke dariye mein hona chahiye
There is nothing bad with passion but it must stay within the limits of awareness
# 2
Kanoon ka sipahi, kanoon ki raksha ke liye jab kanoon ke dariye se bahar nikalta hai ... toh woh sar pe kafan bandkar nikalta hai
When a soldier of the law, steps out of the limits of the law to protect the law ... then he leaves with a shroud tied on his head
# 3
Ab na woh zalim rahenge na zulm rahega ... na kanoon se khilwar karne waale woh gaddar rahenge ... ab sirf kanoon rahega
Now neither will those cruel people remain nor will their cruelty ... neither will the traitors remain who play with the law ... now only the law will remain
# 4
Khuda toh sabko bacha sakta hai ... lekin jiska khuda na ho, usse koi nahi bacha sakta
God can save everyone ... but the one who doesn't believe in god, no one can save him
# 5
Is duniya mein dard bahut hai aur baatne waale haath bahut kam hai ... phir bhi aagaaz hai yeh jisse anjaam tak nibhana hai ... khoon hai jab tak ragon mein, har zulm ko mitana hai
There is a lot of pain in this world and very few hands that want to share that ... but still this is a start that we have to fulfil till its end ... until we have blood running in our veins, we have to erase every cruel act
# 6
Hindustan par hukumat ek afsar ki nahi, kisi minister ki nahi, in Jamaal Sen jaise darindo ki nahi ... Hindustan par hukumat hai in masoom bachchon ki, Hindustan par hukumat hai Hindustani awaam ki, Hindustan par hukumat hai hum Hindustaniyon ki
India is not ruled by an officer, a minister, not even devils like Jamaal Sen ... India is ruled by these innocent children, India is ruled by its people, India is ruled by Indians
# 7
Kanoon aur kanoon ke rakhwaalon ko saboot ki zaroorat us waqt tak padti hai, jab tak woh kanoon ki hadhon mein rehte hai ... lekin jis waqt woh kanoon ki hifazat ke liye un hadhon se bahar nikal jaate hai, toh phir saboot ki nahi ... goliyon ki zaroorat padti hai
The law and the people who protect the law need a proof, until they stay within the limits of the law ... but when they cross those limits to protect the law, then they don't need a proof ... they need bullets
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