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Sunil Dutt

# 1
Mard tayaari nahi karte ... hamesha tayaar rehte hai
Men don't do preparations ... they are always ready
# 2
Apne kasoor ki sazaa se kisi bekasoor ko bachane ke liye ... main maut se bhi takkar le lunga
To save an innocent person from the punishment defined for me ... I will even fight death
# 3
Joh haare woh anari hai ... aur joh jeete wohi khiladi hai
The one who loses is a fool ... and the one who wins is a player
# 4
Jiski maut jis ghadi likhi hoti hai ... ussi ghadi aati hai
When the time of death is defined ... then death comes at that time itself
# 5
Jinki zindagi maut ki chaon mein guzri ho ... woh maut se kahan darte hai
Those who have spent their life in the shadow of death ... are not scared of death
# 6
Parampara ko na koi talwar kaat sakti hai, na koi aag jala sakti aur na waqt badal sakta hai
Tradition can't be cut by any sword, it can't be burned by any fire and neither can time change it
# 7
Chand tasveer-e-butaan, chand haseeno ke khutoot ... baad marne ke mere ghar se yeh samaan nikla
A few photos and a few letters of beautiful women ... were found from my house, after I died
# 8
Raghukul reet sada chali aayi ... pran jaye par vachan na jayi
It has been the eternal tradition of the lineage of Lord Ram ... that if you have to, then even give up your life to honour your words
# 9
Joh tu bhojan na kar raha hota ... toh aaj tu narak ka bhojan ban gaya hota
If you were not eating food right now ... then today you would have become the food of hell
# 10
Mard woh hota hai ... jiske choone se murda aurat ke badan mein bijli chamak jaye
A man is someone ... who electrifies a dead woman's body, when he touches her
# 11
Tera haath, haath mein aa gaya ... ke chirag raah mein jal gaye
When your hand came in my hand ... then lamps lit in the path
# 12
Tu mere samne hai ... teri zulfein hai khuli, tera aanchal hai dhala ... main bhala hosh mein kaise rahoon, kaise rahoon
You're in front of me ... your hair is untied, your scarf is flowing ... how can I not lose my senses
# 13
Tum jaise namardo ko maarne ke liye ... meri maa ke paon ka ek kada hi kafi hai
To kill impotent people like you ... only one anklet from my mother's leg is more than enough
# 14
Is duniya mein suraj ko mutthi mein chupana aasaan hai ... lekin ek baar jurm karke usse hamesha ke liye chupana namumkin hai
In this world it's easy to hide the sun in your fist ... but it's impossible to commit a crime and hide it forever
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