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Family of Thakurganj

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Jung ladne se pehle jung ladne ke darr se bahar nikalna padta hai ... tab jaake fateh hoti hai
Before fighting a war one must eradicate the fear of fighting a war ... only then you can be victorious
# 2
Bola kam hai ... yaad zyada rakhna
I've spoken very few words ... but you need to remember well whatever I've said
# 3
Jahan burai ke bageeche hai ... wahan unhe tabah karne ke liye aandhiyan bhi toh hoti hai
Where there are gardens of evil ... over there you also have the storms to destroy them
# 4
Jin logon ke hausle kuchle jaate hai na ... manzil bhi wohi paate hai
The people whose hopes have been crushed ... they're the ones who attain their destination
# 5
Dhanda koi bhi ho ... chalta zabaan pe hai
No matter what business it is ... it runs on promises
# 6
Hum sirf khodke nikalte nahi hai ... khodke nikalke phir gaadh dete hai
I just don't dig and remove the person ... I dig to remove the person and then I bury him again
# 7
Patang ko kaatne se pehle usko dheel deni chahiye ... phir jhatke se kaatna chahiye
You should give some slack to a flying kite before you cut it ... and then you should cut it with a jerk
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