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Dinesh Hingoo

# 1
Tere mooh mein ghee shakkar ki factory
Be there a factory of clarified butter and sugar in your mouth
# 2
Chaddi mein kar dena, dhoti mein kar dena ... magar raaste mein kabhi nahi karna
Do it in your shorts, do it in your loincloth ... but never do it on the road
# 3
Uski wajah se mera blood pressure, pressure cooker ki mafik itna upar chad jata hai ... ki chaaro taraf se seetiyan bajne lagti hai
Because of him my blood pressure goes higher like as in a pressure cooker ... that from all four sides I keep whistling
# 4
Ishq kare koi kisi se hum mein kya harz hai bhai ... nuksaan joh hamara hoga kaun karega bharpai
Why would I be bothered if people are in love ... but if I'm at loss then who will pay for it
# 5
Agar hota koi bhai ka beta toh woh hum mein kehta chacha ... aur agar bhai hi na ho toh aaya kahan se yeh bhatija
If I had a brother who had a son then he would have called me uncle ... but since I don't have a brother then from where did this nephew come
# 6
Janbaaz kalakaron se nahi hai duniya khali ... is mard ke liye bajao ek baar zordar taali
The world is not short of brave performers ... now clap your hands loudly for this man
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