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Kader Khan

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# 21
Tu coolie hai coolie hai coolie hai coolie hai!
You are a porter a porter a porter a porter!
# 22
Insaan ki zindagi ek aaine ki tarah hoti hai ... farak itna hai ki aam aaine mein hum joh harkat karte hai uski tasveer us hi waqt nazar aa jaati hai ... magar zindagi woh aaina hai ki aaj kiya hue harkat ki tasveer barso baad nazar aati hai
The life of a human is like a mirror ... the only difference is that whatever we do in front of a regular mirror we can see the picture of that right away ... but life is that mirror which shows the picture of whatever we do today, after a long time
# 23
Sukh toh bewafaa tawaif ki tarah hai ... joh aaj iske pass, kal uske pass
Happiness is like the unfaithful prostitute ... who is with one today and with another tomorrow
# 24
Yam hai hum ... hum hai Yam!
God of death is me ... I am the God of death!
# 25
Mana ki duniya mein karodon bache aise hai jinke maa baap nahi hai ... magar is duniya mein karodon maa baap aise bhi hai jinki koi aulad nahi hai
I agree that there are millions of children in this world that don't have parents ... but there are millions of parents also in this world that don't have any children
# 26
Tum nahi ho toh khum aur sagar-o-meena kya hai ... rasam-e-maikhana nibha lete hai peena kya hai ... hum barasti hui boondon mein jale hai barso ... humse pooche koi savan ka mahina kya hai
If you're not there then the bottle and alcohol mean nothing ... I followed the custom of going to the bar but drinking meant nothing ... I have burned for years in the drops that fall ... someone please ask me what does the monsoon month mean
# 27
Duniya mein aadmi ki nahi ... uske kapdon ki, uske dhan ki kadar hoti hai
In this world a person's clothes and his money has value ... he himself has no value
# 28
Yeh kaisa locha kiya tune mere pyar ka ... maal toh bika nahi bill chad gaya udhaar ka
What problem did you bring into my love ... the merchandise didn't sell and instead I got a bill of a loan
# 29
Hosh mein aa zaalim gareeb jaagne waala hai ... tayaar raho bhaiyo ab yeh khujane waala hai
Come to your senses you ruthless person because the poor is about to wake up ... be ready my friends he is now going to scratch
# 30
Is sansar mein bheek le lo magar udhaar kabhi mat lo ... kyun ki bheek leke aadmi ek baar zaleel hota hai ... magar udhaar maangke subah shyam zaleel hota hai
In this world you may beg but never take credit ... because a person is humiliated only once when he begs ... but with credit he is humiliated all the time
# 31
Bungle mein rahenge ... gadi mein ghumenge ... noton pe sooenge
We will stay in a bungalow ... go out in a car ... sleep on money
# 32
Jis tarah parayi biwi apne ghar mein laane se apni nahi ho jaati na ... ussi tarah paraya music apne desh mein bajane se apna nahi ho jaata hai
Just like by bringing a stranger's wife in your house, she doesn't become yours ... just like that by playing foreign music in our country, it doesn't become ours
# 33
Sab taqdeer ka khel hai ... yeh kabhi apno ke haathon rulati hai ... toh kabhi gairon ke haathon rulati hai
Everything is a game of destiny ... sometimes our dear ones make us cry ... and sometimes strangers make us cry
# 34
Kaante sirf zakhm de sakte hai ... khushboo nahi de sakte
Thorns can only give wounds ... not fragrance
# 35
Sari duniya ke bache jab pehda hote hai toh maa maa karke rohte hai ... yeh gadha cinema cinema karke roh raha tha
All the kids of the world cry mom mom when they are born ... this donkey was crying cinema cinema
# 36
Ladkiyon ka asli ghar unka mayka nahi ... unka sasural hota hai
The real home of women is their husbands house ... not their parents house
# 37
Is rishwat ke samaaj mein agar izzat ki zindagi guzarni hai ... toh apna seena cheerkar, apne zameer ka katal karke, apni rooh ko maarke ... uski laash ko rishwat ke kadmo mein dalna padta hai ... tab jaakar insaan yeh zindagi guzaar sakta hai
If you want to live a life of respect in this society of bribery ... then you have to tear apart your heart, murder your conscience, kill your soul ... and put all of that in the feet of bribery ... and only then can a person live his life
# 38
Yeh zindagi ek khet ki tarah hai jahan insaan ... kisan ki tarah paap aur punya ke beejh bohta hai
Life is like an farm where a person ... like a farmer sows the seeds of sins and boons
# 39
Tum woh badnaseeb aurat ho joh pati ke hote hue patni na ban saki ... aulad ke hote hue maa na ban saki ... nawasi ke hote hue nani na ban saki
You're that unfortunate woman who inspite of having a husband couldn't become a wife ... who inspite of having a child couldn't become a mother ... who inspite of having a grand-daughter couldn't become a grandmother
# 40
Teri kahani se mujhko ek sabak mila hai ... ke waqt se pehle aur taqdeer se zyada kisko mila hai ... uska insaaf dekh ke yeh lazmi hai yeh kehna ... waah tera kya kehna, waah tera kya kehna
Your story has taught me a lesson ... that no one has got anything before time and more than destiny ... looking at his (god's) justice it's essential to say ... wow you're great, wow you're great
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