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Ashok Saraf

# 1
Is desh ke rajneeti mein system ho na ho ... yahan ke system mein rajneeti zaroor chalta hai
Whether there is any system in the politics of this country or not ... but politics definitely works in the system out here
# 2
Cockroach marne ke vaaste Baygon nahin mila toh ... Paragon bhi chalta hai
To kill a cockroach if you don't get Baygon ... then Paragon is also ok
# 3
Aaj mile hai saare friends old old ... sab milke khao zarda "Gopal Gold"
Today all old friends have met ... everyone eat together "Gopal Gold" tobacco
# 4
Saaya andhere mein saath chhod deta hai ... aur naseeb bure dino mein saath chhod deta hai
A shadow leaves us during darkness ... and destiny leaves us during bad days
# 5
Kutte ko ghee aur chor ko izzat ... kabhi hazam nahi hoti
Clarified butter for a dog and respect for a thief ... can never be digested
# 6
Marte insaan ki antim ichcha poori karna ... is sansar ka sabse bada punya hove hai
To complete the last wish of a person dying ... is the biggest virtue of this universe
# 7
Har daaku mein ek Valmiki hota hai
Inside every dacoit there is a saint
# 8
Bypass mein kabhi kabhi aadmi pass bhi ho jata hai
In a bypass (operation) sometimes a person passes away
# 9
Woh aaye apun ke ghar khuda ki kismat hai ... kabhi apun darwaza bandh kar dete hai, kabhi kholte hai
It's a blessing of god that you came to my house ... sometimes I close my door and sometimes I open it
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