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Release Year - 1995
# 1
Shehar jalta hai toh jalne do, yeh aag humne hi lagai hai ... log marte hai toh marne do, yeh apni khudai hai
If the city is burning then let it burn, since I have started the fire ... if the people are dying then let them die, because this is my virtue
# 2
Sachi baat kehne ke liye himmat ki zaroorat nahi ... himmat ki zaroorat hai sachi baat sunne ke liye
To say the truth you don't need courage ... you need courage to listen to the truth
# 3
Tujhe maaf karne waale ko toh bhagwan bhi maaf nahi karega
Even god will not forgive the person who forgives you
# 4
Mera jaam rahe meri shaam rahe ... mere pehlu mein meri jaan rahe
Let there be an evening with drinks ... and let there be my life on my side
# 5
Chota kaam hum karoonga ... toh woh kaam bahut bada ho jayega
If I do any small work ... then that work will become very big
# 6
Aaj ke zamane mein achcha insaan ban jaana bada risk hai
In today's world it is very risky to be a good person
# 7
Jiski aaghaaz aag se hoti hai ... uski inteha khaak se hoti hai
One who starts with the fire ... his conclusion meets the dust
# 8
Aaisa mat kar havaldaar ... mujhko andhar mat kar mere yaar ... mera bhai hai bada shakti shali ... baja dega woh teri taali ... uske baad tera ho jayega mota pet khali
Hey cop don't do this ... don't lock me up my friend ... my brother is very powerful ... he will make you go crazy ... and after that your fat stomach will become empty
# 9
Jaldi se isse chhod ... varna aa jayega kahani mein ek naya modh ... ho jayegi shamshan ki taraf teri daud ... hai koi iska tera paas todh?
Leave him quickly ... or else there will be new turn in the story ... and you'll run towards the mortuary ... now do you have any way to beat this?
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