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Release Year - 1994
# 1
Insaan ko zindagi mein sab kuch mil toh nahi jaata ... tamannayein toh bahut hoti hai lekin sabhi poori nahi hoti ... fark sirf itna hai ki kuch log aansoon bahakar jeete hai aur kuch log apne dil ka dard chupakar jeete hai
A person doesn't get everything in life ... there are a lot of desires and not all of them get fulfilled ... the only difference is that some people live shedding tears and some people live hiding the pain in their heart
# 2
Dushman ko maarne ke liye hosh aur awaaz chahiye ... josh aur junoon nahi
You need stablility and sensibility to kill your enemy ... not vigour and insanity
# 3
Balle O balle ... mujrimon ki anjar panjar dhille ... mooh peele te kapde geele
Dance with joy ... the body parts of criminals are loose ... their face is yellow and their clothes are wet
# 4
Duniya mein insaan sirf apne liye pehda nahi hua hai ... doosron ke liye jeekar dekho ... zindagi ka matlab samajh jaogi
Humans are not just born for themselves ... try to live for others and see ... you'll understand the meaning of life
# 5
Jazbaat ki chhot aur dil ka ghaav bahut gehra hota hai ... bahut dard hota hai us mein
The injury from emotions and the wound of the heart are both deep ... they have a lot of pain in them
# 6
Hamara yaar toh kanoon ke liye jeeta hai ... vardi ke andar kanooni cheetah hai
My friend lives for the law ... he's a cheetah inside the police uniform
# 7
Paon utne hi phailane chahiye jitni chaddar ho ... aur farz bhi utna hi nibhana chahiye jitni uski hadh ho
You should only spread your legs to the extent of your sheet ... and you should only obey your duty to the extent of its limit
# 8
Mera usool hai joh kanoon todne ki koshish kare uska haath todh doon ... joh kanoon ko challenge kare uske jabde todh doon ... taaki woh phir kabhi kanoon todne ki jurrat na kare
It's my principle to break the hands of those who try to break the law ... to break the jaws of those who challenge the law ... so that they never dare to break the law again
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