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Release Year - 2023
# 1
Dekhne walon ke liye sport khel hai ... lekin khelne walon ke liye sport ka matlab hai sacrifice
For spectators a sport is a game ... but for the players a sport means sacrifice
# 2
Body mein daru kam hoga na toh marne ke baad jalane ke liye bahut lakdi lagega ... bahut pedh kaatna padega ... global warming hoga ... so mother nature aur unke bachon ko surakshit rakhne ke liye at the time of death body mein full daru hona chahiye ... bas ek maachis ki teeli, boom ... eco-friendly antim sanskar
If you have less alcohol in your body then after dying a lot of pyre will be needed to burn your body ... a lot of trees will need to be cut ... that will add to global warming ... so to protect mother nature and her children you should have full alcohol in your body at the time of death ... just one matchstick will boom fire you up ... eco-friendly funeral
# 3
Yeh life na logic ka khel nahi hai ... yeh life magic ka khel hai
Life isn't a game of logic ... it's a game of magic
# 4
Copyright ka matlab hai copy karna sabka right hai
Copyright means the right for everyone to copy
# 5
Zindagi jab munh pe darwaza bandh karti hai ... tab usse kholna nahi todna padta hai
When life closes the door on your face ... then you don't open it, you go ahead and break it
# 6
Fitness aur fatness mein ek hi akshar ka farak hai
There's only a difference of one letter between fitness and fatness
# 7
Loser kya mehsoos karta hai, I know ... I also want to know winners kya mehsoos karte hai
I know what a loser feels ... I also want to know what winners feel
# 8
Jiska koi nahi hota uska yorker hota hai ... iske samne malik bhi naukar hota hai
The one who has no one has the yorker ball on their side ... and in front of that even a boss becomes a servant
# 9
Bowling mein bhi partnership hoti hai ... kabhi kabhi over mein joh wicket girta hai woh pichle over ke diye huye dhakke ki wajah se girta hai
Even bowling has partnership ... sometimes a wicket that falls in an over is due to the impact that has been caused in the previous over
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