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Housefull 4

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Tu mera pati ... main teri patni ... bhar de meri maang ... nahi toh cheer doongi teri taang
You're my husband ... I'm your wife ... fill my hair parting with vermilion ... or else I'll tear apart your legs
# 2
Kismat ki bhi ek khasiyat hoti hai ... kismat ka paiya ghoomta hai na ... toh saare paase apne aap hi palat jaate hai
Destiny has a speciality ... whenever the wheel of destiny spins ... then all the plans change automatically
# 3
Jiska zor kam hota hai wohi kamzor hota hai
The one who has a lose grip on things, is a weak person
# 4
Itihaas ki ek khasiyat hoti hai ... jab bhi woh khudko dohrata hai ... toh saare pyaade wahin khade milte hai
History has a speciality ... whenever it repeats itself ... then you find all the pawns standing in the same place
# 5
Ranbhoomi mein tantra, mantra ya phir yantra chalta hai ... lekin vijayi wohi hota hai jahan shadyantra chalta hai
In the battlefield you use either prayers or weapons ... but only the one who uses conspiracy becomes the winner
# 6
Kabootar ka yuck brings good luck
A pigeon's potty brings good luck
# 7
Wife shakti ... husband sehanshakti
A wife has all the power ... but a husband has the tolerance to bear that power
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