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Amitabh Bachchan

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# 21
Ek baap agar apne bete ki zindagi ka pehla kadam uthane mein uski madad kar sakta hai ... toh wahi beta apne baap ke aakhri kadam uthane mein usse sahara kyun nahi de sakta?
If a father can help a son to take his first step in life ... then why can't the same son support his father to take his last step in life?
# 22
Main aaj bhi phenke hue paise nahin uthata
Even today I don't collect money that is thrown
# 23
Phool khamosh rehkar bhi apne rang aur khusboo se bahut kuch keh jaate hai
A flower stays quiet but it still says a lot with its colour and fragrance
# 24
Jaan lena jurm hai ... sahi samay pe jaan lena ... raajneeti
It is a crime to take a life ... but to take a life at the right moment is ... politics
# 25
Joh bachche apne maa baap ko pyar nahi de sakte, sahara nahi de sakte, maan samaan nahi de sakte ... unhe main kabhi maaf nahi karta
The kids who cannot give love, support and respect to their parents ... I can never forgive them
# 26
Rishtey mein to hum tumhare baap hote hai ... naam hai Shahenshah
In relation I am your father ... my name is Shahenshah
# 27
Jab tak baithne ko na kaha jaaye sharafat se khade raho ... yeh police station hai ... tumhare baap ka ghar nahi
Stand straight until you are told to sit ... this is a police station ... not your father's house
# 28
Mujhe toh sab police waalon ki suratein ek jaisi lagti hai
To me all cops seem to have the same face
# 29
Nazdiki fayda dekhne se pehle ... door ka nuksaan sochna chahiye
Before you claim the shorterm profit ... you should think about the longterm loss
# 30
Main kanoon ka baazu nahi khud kanoon banonga ... aur aaisa kanoon joh khud mujrimo ko pakdega, khud mukadma sunega ... aur unka faisla bhi khud karega
I am not the arm of the law, I am myself the law ... such a law which itself catches the criminals, itself listens to the case ... and itself will decide on it
# 31
Yeh tum janti ho ki yeh revolver khali hai ... main janta hoon ki yeh revolver khali hai ... lekin police nahin janti ki yeh revolver khali hai
You know that this revolver is empty ... I know that this revolver is empty ... but police does not know that this revolver is empty
# 32
Tum ho toh hum hai ... hum hai toh sab kuch hai ... varna kuch nahi, kuch bhi nahi
I am because of you ... and if we are there then everything is there ... otherwise there is nothing, absolutely nothing
# 33
Har badi kamyaabi ke peeche ... ek bahut bada balidaan hota hai
Behind every big success ... there is a very big sacrifice
# 34
Sawaal jis zabaan mein kiya jaye ... jawaab us hi zabaan mein dena chahiye
The tone is which the question is asked ... the answer should also be given in that tone
# 35
Shahenshah jahan khade ho jaate hai ... wahin darbar lag jaate hai
Wherever the king stands ... the court is set right there
# 36
Sooryavansh ek aag hai ... ismein doston ke liye jitni jyoti hai ... dushmano ke liye utni hi jwala
The Sun dynasty is a fire ... the amount of light it has for friends ... that many flames it has for the enemies
# 37
Badle ki is bhavna ko mann se nikaal do ... yeh woh khel hai joh shuru ho jaye toh khelne waale khatam ho jaate hai ... par khel khatam nahi hota
Remove the feelings of revenge from your heart ... it is that game which once it starts, then the players will end ... but the game will not end
# 38
Kabhi kabhi ghar ke bachche ... ghar ke badhon ko sahi raaste dekha dete hain
Sometimes the children of the house ... show the right path to the elders of the house
# 39
Kabhi raste mein mil jao toh katrakar guzar jana ... hum mein is tarah takna jaise pechana nahi tumne ... hamara zikr jab aaye toh yun anjaan ban jana ... ki jaise naam sunkar bhi hum mein jana nahi tumne
If you ever see me on the road then cut through and pass by ... look at me as if you don't know me ... and if ever my name comes up then act unknowningly ... that you don't know me even after hearing my name
# 40
Paapi ko mat maaro ... paapi ke dil ke andhar joh shaitaan behta hua hai, usse maaro
Don't kill the sinful ... kill the devil that is sitting inside the heart of the sinful
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