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102 Not Out

Release Year - 2018
# 1
Bhudha samajhte hai na aap ... woh aadmi joh zindagi se bhi darta hai aur maut se bhi
You know what an old person is ... a person who's scared of life and death as well
# 2
Thakela, pakela, boring, nirutsahi log ... cigarette se bhi zyada hanikarak hote hai
People who are boring and lack enthusiasm ... are more injurious than cigarettes
# 3
Aulaad nalayak nikle toh usse bhool jaana chahiye ... sirf uska bachpan yaad rakhna chahiye
If your child happens to be unworthy then you should forget them ... you should only remember their childhood
# 4
Maut aaye na toh woh pariyon ki tarah aani chahiye ... lekin zindagi mein joh karna chahiye ... woh sab kar liya ho toh hi pari aati hai
Death should come like the fairies ... but whatever work one has to do in their life ... if you complete all of that, then only fairies will come
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