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Shakti Kapoor

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# 81
Yeh mahal rahega, qila rahega ... iska naada dheela rahega ... yeh raja rangeela kal bhi tha, yeh raja rangeela aaj bhi hai, yeh raja rangeela kal bhi rahega
This mansion and this fort will remain here ... but his pant's string will always be lose ... he was a naughty guy yesterday, he's a naughty guy even today, and he'll be a naughty guy even tomorrow
# 82
Mere kanne chakku hai!
I have a knife with me!
# 83
Jaise bajhti hai ghanti ... vaise hai meri pyari pyari aunty
The way a bell rings ... just like that my aunt is sweet
# 84
Ek mujrim kanoon se bhaag sakta hai ... lekin doosre mujrim se nahi
A criminal can run from the law ... but not from an other criminal
# 85
Langoor ki dumm par angoor ki bail ... mohabbat mein ab tu saare sitam jhel
There is a grapevine on the tail of a monkey ... now bear all the pains in love
# 86
Jis tarah aag lakdi ko jalakar raakh kar deti hai ... ussi tarah gussa insaan ki akal ko nighal jaata hai
Just like fire burns wood into ashes ... just like that anger gulps the mind of a person
# 87
Main nafrat ke mohron se dushmani ka shatranj ussi ki bisaat pe khelonga ... aur aaisi maat doonga, aaisi maat doonga ki maut bhi roo padegi
I will play game of enmity with the pawns of hatred on his chess board ... and I will defeat him in such a way, that even death will cry
# 88
Ghamand toh ek sheesha hai joh toot kar hi rehta hai
Haughtiness is a mirror that has to break
# 89
Gaadi mein bithao driver ban jaonga ... peeche bithao cleaner ban jaonga ... gaadi bighade toh usse dhakka lagaonga ... aur tumhe koi chhede toh uska khoon pee jaonga
Make me sit in the car and I'll become a driver ... make me sit behind and I'll become a cleaner ... if the car breaks down then I'll push it ... and if someone teases you then I'll drink his blood
# 90
Jab jab paapiyon ka bhav badta hai ... tab tab paapiyon ka papad banane koi na koi aa hi jaata hai
Whenever the value of sinners rises ... then someone or the other comes to make a Papadum out of the sinners
# 91
Mera naam hai Inspector Natwarlal Bhinde ... khata hoon che-che ande ... aur choron ko maarta hoon lambe chaude dande
My name is Inspector Natwarlal Bhinde ... I eat six eggs ... and I beat the thieves with big sticks
# 92
Mere bedroom ka darwaza bhi meri tarah romantic hai ... ladki andar aa jaye aur jab tak romance poora na ho ... tab tak khulta hi nahi hai
The door of my bedroom is romantic like me ... once a girl comes in and till the romance is not over ... it doesn't open until then
# 93
Langoor ki dumm par angoor ki bail ... patni ko dekh ke engine ho gaya mera fail
There is a grapevine on the tail of a monkey ... my engine failed after seeing my wife
# 94
Langoor ki dumm par angoor ki bail ... ab ho jayega dushmanon ka engine derail
There is a grapevine on the tail of a monkey ... now the engine of the enemies will derail
# 95
Langoor ki dumm par angoor ki bail ... khatam ho gaya is moti ka khel
There is a grapevine on the tail of a monkey ... the game of this fat lady is over
# 96
Pehle khoon ke baad aadmi kanoon se darta hai ... lekin do-char khoon karne ke baad kanoon aadmi se darta hai
A person is scared from the law after his first murder ... but after two-four murders the law gets scared from that person
# 97
Tum meri zindagi mein full stop toh kya comma bhi nahi laga sake ... lekin main tumhari zindagi mein full stop zaroor lagaonga
You couldn't even apply a comma in my life, let go a full stop ... but I will definitely apply a full stop in your life
# 98
Aaisa mat kar havaldaar ... mujhko andhar mat kar mere yaar ... mera bhai hai bada shakti shali ... baja dega woh teri taali ... uske baad tera ho jayega mota pet khali
Hey cop don't do this ... don't lock me up my friend ... my brother is very powerful ... he will make you go crazy ... and after that your fat stomach will become empty
# 99
Jaldi se isse chhod ... varna aa jayega kahani mein ek naya modh ... ho jayegi shamshan ki taraf teri daud ... hai koi iska tera paas todh?
Leave him quickly ... or else there will be new turn in the story ... and you'll run towards the mortuary ... now do you have any way to beat this?
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