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Release Year - 2003
# 1
Janam dene waali sirf maa hi nahi ... mitti bhi hoti hai
The one who gives birth is not the only mother ... the land is also our mother
# 2
Ek nayi ada aaj dekhega zamana ... khud shama ko lene aaya hai parwana
The world will see a new style today ... a true lover has come himself to get his love
# 3
Mere junoon ki misaal deta hai zamana ... kyun ki maut se darta nahi Parwana
The world gives an example of my passion ... because Parwana (this lover) is not scared of death
# 4
Abhe ujade bazaar ki bhujti hui agarbatti
Hey you blown off incense sticks of a destroyed market
# 5
Aag mein kood padhun ... iraadon mein asar rakhta hoon ... naam hai Parwana ... hateli pe jigar rakhta hoon
I can jump in the fire ... my intentions are strong ... my name is Parwana ... and I keep my courage on my hand
# 6
Banegi ek nayi tareekh, surkhiyon mein likhega zamana ... apne watan ke khatir, jaan par khel gaya Parwana
A new date will come and the world will write in the top news ... that Parwana (this lover) has played on his life for his country
# 7
Kya mukhda hai, kya aankhen hai, kya hooth hai ... aaisa lagta hai ki upar waale ne sare staff ko chutti dekar ... apne haathon se usse banaya hai
What a face, what eyes, what lips she has ... it seems as if god has given all his staff time off ... and made her with his own hands
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