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Release Year - 1981
# 1
Aurat ko apna maan, bhakt ko uska bhagwan, gareeb ko uski aan aur amir ko uski shaan ... bahut pyari hoti hai
Respect to a woman, god to a devotee, self-respect to a poor person and status to a rich person ... are very important to them
# 2
Bhagwan kuch bhi nahi ek insaan hai joh mahaan hai ... bhakti kuch bhi nahi ek shakti hai ... karam kuch bhi nahi ek kartavya hai ... prem kuch bhi nahi ek anand hai ... yeh anand agar tumhe prapt karna hai toh tumhe usse, mujhse, har ek se prem karna hoga
God is nothing but a human who is great ... devotion is nothing but divine energy ... virtue is nothing but duty ... love is nothing but peace ... and if you want to achieve this peace then you'll have to love him (god), me, and everyone
# 3
Bhagya ki rekhayein haathon mein nahi hoti ... insaan ke karamon mein hoti hai
The lines of destiny don't exists in the hands ... they exists in the deeds of a person
# 4
Duniya mein aaisa mujrim koi pehda nahi hua ... jiska anth kanoon ne na likha ho
No criminal has ever been born in this world ... whose end is not written by the law
# 5
Samajhte ho ki sab samajhta hoon ... isse badhkar insaan ki nasamajhi aur kya ho sakti hai
To believe that you know you everything ... there is nothing more foolish than that for a person
# 6
Hum police waale jis din yeh vardi pehen lete hai na ... us hi din se police waalon aur maut ka rishta kuch aas paas ka hi ho jaata hai
The day we police officers wear this uniform ... from that day itself the relationship between a police officer and death becomes very close to each other
# 7
Jinke haath na ho woh aatma se aashirwad dete hai
Those who don't have hands give blessings from their soul
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