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Anaarkali Of Aarah

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Haathi chale bazaar ... kutta hagge hazaar
The elephant is going to the market ... and the dog is shitting a thousand times
# 2
Mooh mein aag hai babu aur choli mein angaare hai ... tere jaise kitne sagar is garmi se haare hai
There's fire in my mouth and embers in my blouse ... so many oceans like you have lost in front of my warmth
# 3
Har ek nabz kala ke liye dhadakti hai ... dawa bhi woh joh jale par namak chidhakti hai
Every pulse of mine beats for talent ... a true medicine is something that applies salt on the wound
# 4
Tere pyar mein lut gaye hum beech bazar mein ... nakad mohabbat khareed ke, dil rakh diya udhaar pe
Your love defamed me in front of everyone ... I bought love with cash and kept my heart on a loan
# 5
Pehle kaam ... phir daam
First work ... then money
# 6
Saanson ki garmi mein mohabbat ubaal de ... arre ek chumma idhar bhi toh uchaal de ... kaun jaane kal aaye na aaye ... saara pani mohabbat mein aaj hi nikaal de
Boil love in the warmth of the breaths ... please throw atleast one kiss to my side ... who knows if tomorrow will come or not ... exhaust all your energy today itself in making love
# 7
Aap mein ek kehto gadbadi hai ... har baat mein aapko bahute hadbadi hai ... bhole hai, raseele hai, chabeele bhi hai ... par langot ke babuji, aap bahute dheele hai
You have just one problem ... you rush all the time ... you're naive, you're wonderful, you're youthful as well ... but mister, you're very bad when it comes to keeping your pants up
# 8
Chinta se chaturai ghate ... dukh se ghate shareer ... jaldi se fresh ho jaiye ... hum banate hai garma garam roti aur meetha meetha kheer
Worrying reduces smartness ... sorrow reduces body weight ... freshen up quickly ... I'll make some warm bread and a nice sweet dish
# 9
Unki aag ki lachak se patthar bhi pighal jaate hai ... zinda toh madhosh hote hi hai, murde bhi behak jaate hai
Even stones melt by the heat that he has ... not only the people living get intoxicated, but also the dead lose their senses
# 10
Aag hoon main, shamma nahi hoon ... chhuoge toh jal jaoge ... tum toh thande ho, baraf ke gole ho ... bekaar pighal jaoge
I'm fire and not just a flame ... you'll burn if you touch me ... you're cold like ice ... you'll melt for no reason
# 11
Bhala kya mel hai mera tumhare saath huzoor ... yahan pe bijli, toh haddi yahan par atki hai
You don't belong to my league ... your bones are stuck as you've been hit by lightning
# 12
Tu updesh hai mera mehar wala ... Mahabharat naya bane mile joh saath tumhara
You're like an advice of kindness ... if I get your company then a new Mahabharata will be created
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