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Guest Iin London

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Saath na rehne ke bahut saare bahane ban jaate hai ... par saath rehne ka bas ek bahana bahut hai ... pata hai kyun ... pyar
You can find many excuses for not living together ... but you need only one excuse for living together ... and you know why ... because of love
# 2
India mein guest aur pest aise hi kabhi bhi kahin pe bhi aa jaate hai
In India guest and pest can come anytime and anywhere
# 3
Pant pe gira pani aur phisli huyi jawani bada badnaam karti hai
Water on your pants and out of control youth can dishonour you
# 4
India Pakistan mein biwi shohar ke bare mein agar itna jaante honge, toh phir woh biwi shohar nahi honge ... Karan aur Johar honge
In India and Pakistan if a husband and wife know a lot about each other, then they must not be husband and wife ... they must be Karan and Johar
# 5
Tu shaitaan ki aulaad hai, gadhe da bateeja hai ... tere maa baap ki galti ka nateeja hai
You're a child of the devil, a nephew of the donkey ... you're the result of a mistake that your parents made
# 6
Rishton ki mehak bhi le udhe paad ... ab baap pehda ho rahe hai beton ke baad
A fart can carry away the fragrance of relationships ... nowadays fathers are being born after their sons
# 7
Bal se kiya hua kaam balaatkar hota hai
Anything done with force is like a rape
# 8
Tere liye kaam karte karte logon ka paseena nikla ... aur tu toh bahut bada kameena nikla ... tune toh bola tha tu izzat dega ... lekin kya pata tha tu saala hamari bhi le lega
People sweated a lot while they worked for you ... but you turned out to be a big rascal ... you had said that you'll give respect ... but who knew that you'll get us in trouble as well
# 9
Buzurgon ki paad toh bachon ke liye aashirwad samaan hoti hai
The fart of elders is like blessings for the young ones
# 10
Municipality ke nal se pani aaye na aaye ... inki aankhon se behna shuru ho jaata hai
Whether the municipality tap pours water or not ... there's always water flowing from her eyes
# 11
Bache toh mitti ke khilone hote hai ... kaske pakdo na toh toot jaate hai
Children are like toys made from clay ... if you hold them tight then they'll break
# 12
Arre sharam hai toh yaad kar apne vaade ... kutte, kamine, sovar ke pyaade
If you have any shame then remember your promises ... you're a dog, rascal and a pig
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