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Haseena Parkar

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Logon ne izzat bakshi ... maine qubool ki
People gave me respect ... I just accepted it
# 2
Chote kaamo mein dhamkane ke liye main koi gali ka gunda nahi thi ... par mere gharwalon ko koi chot pahunchaye toh khamosh behatne ke liye main koi sant bhi nahi thi
I'm not a cheap goon who'll threaten for small issues ... but if someone hurts my family members then I'm not a saint either who'll stay quiet
# 3
Allah imtihaan unhi ka leta hai jinpar usse jeet ka bharosa ho
Only those people are tested by God, for whom he has the confidence that they'll win
# 4
Aapne mere bhai ke bare mein pada hai ... maine mere bhai ko pada hai
You've read about my brother ... but I've read my brother
# 5
Mujhe is baat ka afsoos nahi hai ki main tujhe nahi jaanti ... is baat ka afsoos hai ki tu mujhe nahi jaanti
I don't regret the fact that I don't know you ... but I regret the fact that you don't know me
# 6
Taqat se badi latt nahi hoti ... aur usko banaye rakhne ke liye koi kisi bhi hadh tak ja sakta hai
Power is the biggest habit ... and a person can cross any limit to maintain that
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