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Bollywood Diaries

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Manzil toh mil hi jayegi, bhatakkar hi sahi ... gumrah toh woh hai joh ghar se nikle hi nahi
I'll get to my destination, even if I get strayed ... but lost are those people, who don't even leave their house
# 2
Agar zindagi mein kuch karna hai na toh kar lena ... sahi samay ka intezar mat karna ... kyun ki kahi baar woh sahi samay aata hi nahi hai
If you want to do something in life then just do it ... don't wait for the right time ... because many a times that right moment never comes
# 3
Koi farak nahi padta, chamdi gori ho ya kali ... bas chamdi mein talent hona chahiye
It doesn't matter if the skin is fair or dark ... there must be talent behind the skin
# 4
Agar Bollywood cinema nahi hota toh shayad main nahi hota
Had there not been Bollywood cinema, then I wouldn't have been there
# 5
Mooh ke sirf do hi kaam toh hai ... ek khana aur doosra bakna
The mouth has only two things to do ... one is eating and other is talking
# 6
Pehle uska sign leke aao jisne mere haath mein yeh likha hai ki ... meri maa ek tawaif hai
First get the signature of that person who wrote on my hand ... that my mom is a prostitute
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