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Chupke Chupke

Release Year - 1975
# 1
Begum, ishq ka mazaa hi chupke chupke se karne mein hai
Wifey, the fun of love is in doing it in hiding
# 2
Actor kya hai? ... director ke haath ki kathputli
What is an actor? ... a puppet in the hands of the director
# 3
Pati ke gunn dheere dheere pata chalna chahiye ... usse pyar dheere dheere bhadta hai
One should know her husbands talents slowly slowly ... with that love grows slowly slowly
# 4
Climax mein pahuchakar drama ke chutti mat karao
Don't spoil the drama after getting it to the climax
# 5
Joh hai woh nahin hai ... aur joh nahin hai woh, woh kaise ho sakta hai?
The thing that is there is not there ... and the thing that is not there, how can it be there?
# 6
Jitna bada jism diya hai ... utna bada dil bhi diya hai
The way you have a big body ... you also have a big heart
# 7
Jhinga machi, machi hai ... lekin machi nahin, jhinga hai ... khoa ki barfi, barfi hai ... lekin barfi nahin, khoa hai
Prawn fish, is a fish ... but it's not fish, it's prawn ... sweet from condensed milk, is a sweet ... but it's not a sweet, it's condensed milk
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