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Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke

Release Year - 1969
# 1
Sharif aadmi England toh kya kisi bhi land mein chala jaye ... apni motherland ko kabhi nahi bhoolta
Whether a respectful man goes to England or any other land ... he still doesn't forget his motherland
# 2
Ek sharif aurat zindagi mein ek hi baar pyar karti hai ... yeh kali ek hi baar khilti hai ... ek baar nigahen milti hai ... ek baar mohabbat hoti hai
A respectful woman only falls in love once in her life ... this flower blossoms only once ... the eyes connect only once ... she loves only once
# 3
Naari aur sangeet ka bahut kareeb rishta hai ... dono mein narmi hai, loch hai, lachak hai, dard hai, soz hai, tadap hai, khichav hai, kashish hai
A woman and music are closely connected ... they both have softness, flow, sway, pain, ardency, yearning, pull and attraction
# 4
Yeh komal kali, naazon ki pali, misri ki gali ... hamare hi kul mein lagegi bhali
A delicate girl like her raised with affection, and who is a crystallized sugar lump ... will only look good in my family
# 5
Aaj bajegi shehnai, ghar mein aayegi lugai ... main tere baap ka banoonga jamai
Today the shehnai will play, a woman will come in the house ... and I'll become a live in son-in-law to your father
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