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Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Jab main paida hua toh mera rang black and white tha ... aur jab main jawan hua main rangeen ho gaya
When I was born my colour was black and white ... and I turned colourful when I became young
# 2
Yeh show business hai ... is mein joh dikhta hai woh bikta hai ... lekin woh kahan dikhta hai isse tay hota hai ki woh kitne mein bikta hai
This is show business ... and in this what you see is what sells ... but where it's shown that decides how much does it sell for
# 3
Film mein location hi location hai, situation hai hi nahi ... film mein star hi star hai, story hai hi nahi ... film mein action hi action hai, bomb hi bomb hai ... sex aur comedy kam hai
There are only locations in the film, not a situation ... there are only stars in the film, not a story ... there is only action and bombs in the film ... and hardly any sex and comedy
# 4
Tu gori main kala ... dono ka banega garam masala
You're fair and I'm dark ... together we'll make a hot mixture of spices
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