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Gandhi My Father

Release Year - 2007
# 1
Hindustan ka dil uske gaon mein dhadakta hai
The heart of India beats in its villages
# 2
Sharaab meri dawa hai aur mera dard bhi hai
Alcohol is my medicine and also my pain
# 3
Mandir, masjid aur gurudwara ho ... yahi mazhab bane bas hum sabhi ka ek ... Vande Mataram, Vande Mataram, Vande Mataram
There should be temples, mosques and gurudwaras ... but all of us should have this one religion ... hail your motherland, hail your motherland, hail your motherland
# 4
In life, life counts!
In life, life counts!
# 5
Schooli shiksha kitaabi gyan deti hai ... charitra ka nirmaan nahi karti
School education gives you knowledge from the books ... it doesn't build your character
# 6
"Karo ya maro" ... hum Bharat ko azaad karenge ya phir ussi koshish mein apni jaan dedenge
"Do or die" ... we will get India its independence or we will die in that effort
# 7
Mere tukde tukde kar daalo par main apne desh ke tukde nahi hone doonga
You can cut me into pieces but I won't let my country divide into pieces
# 8
Mere saath toh ladne ke liye saari zindagi padi hai ... par desh ke liye ladne ka yeh shayad aakhri mauka hai
You have your entire life remaining to fight with me ... but may be this is the last chance to fight for your country
# 9
Gandhi se bada is desh mein kuch nahi hai
There is nothing bigger than Gandhi in this country
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