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Ranveer Singh

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# 21
Apni saans wapas lene aaya hoon ... atak ke reh gayi hai tere paas
I have come to take my breath back ... it is stuck with you
# 22
Abhi thodu tension, pachee tane full attention
Now I am in a little bit of tension, but later I will give you full attention
# 23
Saala maut ka dhanda karte karte zindagi ki keemat bhool gaye hai hum log
Being in the business of death we have forgotten the value of life
# 24
Knife pe gira apple, apple pe gire knife ... chinta meri aaise kar rahi hai, jaise meri wife
An apple fell on a knife,a knife fell on a apple ... you are worrying about me, as if you are my wife
# 25
Hum gunday hai ... ek baar jiske saath jee liye ... marte bhi ussi ke saath hai
We are goons ... once we live with someone ... then we die with them also
# 26
I don't like this gun goli ... I only want tan choli
I don't like guns and bullets ... I only want the bodice
# 27
Aaj bhi nangi picture dekh ke dhoti gili karoge ... aaj toh poore bheeg lo
Today also you want to watch an adult film and wet your loincloth ... or do you want to get wet completely today
# 28
Jab deewaron se zyada doori dilon mein ho jaye ... toh chatt nahi tikti
When the distance between the hearts is more than the distance between the walls ... then the roof doesn't stay
# 29
Chandu ke bhatije ... phatte huye phooge ke natije
You are Chandu's nephew ... and a result of a blown balloon
# 30
Woh veer hi kya jiske samne shrungaar apni palkein na jhuka de ... woh shrungaar hi kya jiske samne veer apni talwar na daal de
What good is a warrior in front of whom a beauty doesn't bow her eyes down ... what good is a beauty in front of whom a warrior doesn't surrender his sword
# 31
Marathaon ke paas dushman jitni daulat ho na ho ... yudh mein bahane ke liye khoon kayi zyada hai
Even if Maharashtrian's don't have as much money as their enemies ... but they still have more blood to shed in battles
# 32
Lagaam dikhti nahi hai par zubaan par honi chahiye ... samajhla
You don't see a rein on a mouth, but it must be present ... do you understand that
# 33
Main nahi badalta apna sapna apne sachai se mel khane ke vaaste ... main apna sachai badlega joh mere sapne se mel khaye
I won't change my dream to match with my reality ... I'll change my reality to something that will match with my dream
# 34
Har yudh ka nateeja talwaron se nahi hota ... talwar se zyada dhaar chalane waale ki soch mein honi chahiye
Every war is not decided with swords ... the thinking of a fighter must be more sharp than the sharpness of the sword
# 35
Salam thok, sar jhuka, tu dhum-daba chal rasta naap le ... kapde silaile khud ke dum pe, nahi liye maine apne baap se
Salute me, bow your head down, get lost from here ... I've got these clothes stitched with my own money as I didn't take anything from my father
# 36
Jitni tu sexy hai ... utni danger hai
The sexy you look ... that much dangerous you are also
# 37
Dushman ki chaati mein talwar pironha aasaan hai ... par rishton ke motiyon mein dhaaga pironha bahut hi mushkil
Dushman ki chaati mein talwar pironha aasaan hai ... par rishton ke motiyon mein dhaaga pironha bahut hi mushkil
# 38
Sultan ban'ne ke liye gardan aur iraade dono mazboot hone chahiye
One must have a strong neck and strong intentions to become a king
# 39
Akele paise kamane mein koi mazaa nahi hai
There is no fun in making money alone
# 40
Tabse gun chala raha hoon ... jabse tu apne maa ke andhar nahi, apne baap ke andhar tha
I am firing a gun ... not since you were inside your mother, but since you were inside your father
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