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Tej Sapru

# 1
Joh doosro ko napasand hai, woh mujhe pasand hai
I like what others don't like
# 2
Itna maroonga tujhe itna maroonga ki meri behen toh kya ... tu apni hone waali biwi ko bhi behen kahega
I'll hit you so much that forget my sister ... you'll even call your fiance as your sister
# 3
Isne tumhe dekha angle badal badalke ... aur tumne isse maara sandal badal badalke
He looked at you from different different angles ... and you hate him with different different sandals
# 4
Suspended police officer ki position ... izzat looti aurat ki tarah ho jaati hai
The honor of a suspended police officer ... is like that of a woman who has been raped
# 5
Woh mooch hi kya jisse phera na jaye ... aur woh husn hi kya jisse cheda na jaye
What good is a mustache which is not turned ... and what good is a beautiful body which is not teased
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