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Twinkle Khanna

# 1
Shandaar jagahon par jaana aur jaandaar logon se dosti karna ... mera shaunk hai
To go to fabulous places and to make friends with high hearted people ... is my hobby
# 2
Shukriyada karne se ehsaan khatam ho jata hai ... aur agar ehsaan khatam ho jaaye toh dosti kaise shuru hogi
By thanking the favour ends ... and if the favour ends then how will the friendship start
# 3
Maut ka khauf zinda logon ko ho sakta hai ... laashon ko nahi
Only the living people fear death ... not dead bodies
# 4
Joh apne aap se ladta hai ... woh hamesha haar jaata hai
The one who fights with himself ... always loses
# 5
Tum meri nazaro mein itne gir gaye ho ... jahan tak meri nazar bhi nahi pahunch sakti
You have lost your respect from me to such a level ... where even my eyes can't see you
# 6
Jab bade, bade na rahe ... toh bachchon ko bada banna padta hai
When elders are no more elders ... then the kids have to grow up
# 7
Seene mein jis raftaar se goli utarti hai ... usse zyada raftaar se pyar
The speed at which a bullet enters the heart ... love enters at a much faster speed
# 8
Zakhm ko zakhm nahi samajhna bahaduri nahi ... bewakoofi hoti hai
Not considering a wound as a wound isn't courage ... it's foolishness
# 9
Aadmi pahad ki choti se girkar khada ho sakta hai ... magar kisi ki nazar se girkar nahi khada ho sakta
A man can stand up after he falls from a mountain top ... but he cannot stand up after he falls in the eyes of someone
# 10
Mujhe sone chandi se nahi ... un baazuon se pyar hai joh do waqt ki roti toh kama sake ... jinko duniya unki mehnat, unke naam se jaane ... jinki peeth par apne A1 baap ke naam ka stamp nahi hota
I don't love gold and silver ... I love those hands who can earn to feed food twice a day ... whom the world knows because of their hard work and their own name ... and who don't have an famous stamp of their father on their back
# 11
Yeh ghadi sanam tere bina katti nahi ... tere chehre se meri nazar hatti nahi
These moments do not pass by without you ... and I cannot stop looking at your face
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