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Shahrukh Khan

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# 121
Mere desh ki har maa ... aap jaisi zaroor hai
Every mother of my country ... is just like you
# 122
Albert Einstein ne kaha tha ... pagal woh hota hai joh roz roz same kaam karta hai ... magar chahta hai ki nateeja alag ho
Albert Einstein had said that ... a person is mad when he does the same work everyday ... but still expects the result to be different
# 123
Ek kal hamare peeche hai, ek kal hamare baad ... aaj, aaj ki baat karo, aaj hamare saath
One day is behind us, one day is after us ... today, talk about today, today is with us
# 124
Rahul, naam toh suna hoga?
Rahul, you must have heard this name?
# 125
Don ke dushman ... Don ke haathon marne ke liye hi paida hote hai
Enemies of Don ... are born only to be killed by Dons own hands
# 126
Jitni khushi aapko hamare yahan aane se ho rahi hai ... usse kahin zyada dukh hamare jane pe hoga
The amount of happiness that you have by us coming here ... more than that sadness you will have when we go from here
# 127
Nadi, nadi nahin jismein pani na ho ... hawa, hawa nahi jismein ravani na ho ... woh shaadi, shaadi nahi jismein prem kahani na ho
A river is not a river without water in it ... the wind is not the wind without the flow in it ... a marriage is not a marriage without a love story in it
# 128
Kya tumne kabhi bhi ... ek din ke liye bhi ... ek pal ke liye bhi ... mujhse pyar kiya tha?
Have you ever ... even for a day ... even for a moment ... loved me?
# 129
Tum agar khulke ro nahi sakogi ... toh khulkar has kaise sakogi
If you are not able to cry openly ... then how will you laugh openly
# 130
Joh taar se nikli hai, woh dhun sabne suni hai ... joh saans pe ghuzri hai, woh kis dil ko pata hai
The one that comes out of a string, everyone has heard that music ... the thing that my breathe has gone through, no ones heart knows about that
# 131
No drinking, no smoking ... no der se aana aur yahan se jitna jaldi ho chale jaana
No drinking, no smoking ... no coming late and leave from here as soon as possible
# 132
Kismat bahut hi sahi cheez hai ... agar iraadon mein dum ho toh saali palat hi jaati hai
Luck is a very good thing ... if your intentions are strong then it definitely turns
# 133
Koi dua mat maangna ... sirf pyar karna mujhe
Don't pray for me ... only love me
# 134
Zindagi mein jab koi pattern banta ya koi aadat banti dikhai de na ... toh uske baare mein achchi tarah se sochna chahiye ... genius is about knowing when to stop
In life when you see a pattern or a habit forming ... then you should think about that very carefully ... genius is about knowing when to stop
# 135
Sattar minute, sattar minute hai tumhare paas ... shayad tumhari zindagi ke sabse khaas sattar minute ... aaj tum achcha khelo ya bura, yeh sattar minute tumhe zindagi bhar yaad rahenge ... toh kaise khelna hai aaj main tumhe nahi bataonga ... bas itna kahoonga ke jao aur yeh sattar minute jee bharkar khel lo ... kyun ki iske baad aane waali zindagi mein, chahe kuch sahi ho ya na ho, chahe kuch rahe ya na rahe, tum haaro ya jeeto ... lekin yeh sattar minute tumse koi nahi cheen sakta, koi nahi ... toh maine socha ki is match mein kaise khelna hai aaj main tumhe nahi bataonga, balki tum mujhe bataoge khel kar ... kyun ki main jaanta hoon ki agar yeh sattar minute is team ka har player apni zindagi ki sabse badiya hockey khel gaya ... toh yeh sattar minute khuda bhi tumse vapas nahi maang sakta ... toh jao, jao aur apne aap se, is zindagi se, apne khuda se aur har us insaan se jisne tumhe tum par bharosa nahi kiya apne sattar minute cheen lo
Seventy minutes, seventy minutes is what you have ... may be the most important seventy minutes of your life ... whether you play good or bad today, you'll remember these seventy minutes for your entire life ... so I won't tell you today how to play ... but I'll only say that go and play these seventy minutes with your full heart ... because in life after this, whether anything is right or wrong, whether anything remains or not, whether you win or lose ... no one will be able to snatch these seventy minutes from you, no one ... so I thought that in this match today I won't tell you how to play, instead you'll show me that by playing ... because I know that if every player of this team plays the best hockey of their life in these seventy minutes ... then even god can't ask for these seventy minutes back from you ... so go and snatch these seventy minutes from yourself, from your life, from your god and from every person who didn't believe in you
# 136
Pyar toh bahut log karte hai ... lekin mere jaisa pyar koi nahi kar sakta kyun ki kisi ke paas tum joh nahi ho
A lot of people are in love ... but no one can love like me because they don't have you
# 137
Agar main uthata toh tum jaag jaati ... agar tum jaag jaati toh chali jaati ... aur agar chali jaati toh main itna kareeb se tumhe kab dekhta
If I'd woke you up then you would have awakened ... if you would have awakened then you would have left ... and if you would have left then I wouldn't have been able to see you from so close
# 138
Koi bhi ullu ka patha sirf ek angoothi pehanakar tumko mujhse nahi cheen sakta ... tum meri ho, sirf meri
No fool can snatch you away from me by putting a ring on you ... you are mine, just mine
# 139
Connection bhi na kamaal ki cheez hai ... bas ho gaya toh ho gaya ... Wi-Fi, bluetooth se bhi zyada strong hai apna connection
Connection is a very strange thing ... it just happens ... our connection is stronger than Wi-Fi and bluetooth
# 140
Maafi maange se koi chota bada nahi hota ... aur joh maaf kar deta hai uska dil bahut bada hota hai
By apologizing no one becomes small or big ... but the one who forgives has a big heart
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