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Deven Verma

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# 1
Agar tumhare ishq ko koi laal jhanda dikhayega ... yakeen karo yeh ghalib unko dhanda dikhayega
If anyone shows a red flag to your love ... believe me this conqueror will show them a stick
# 2
Isko din mein dikh gaya tara ... kya kheench ke chaata mara
He is seeing a star during the day ... what a tight slap you gave him
# 3
Zamanat ho nahi sakti, shanivar ko itvar ko ... main kisi ko chhod nahi sakta, na dost ko na yaar ko
A bail cannot happen on a Saturday or on a Sunday ... I cannot leave anyone, neither a friend nor a buddy
# 4
Yeh kahan le aaye kaptan ... nazar aata nahi koi makan ... sirf kabristan kabristan
Where did you bring me captain ... I don't see any house here ... it's only a graveyard
# 5
Makaan tha kabhi, ab khandar viran lagta hai ... tera thopda Panipat ka maidan lagta hai
It looked like a house earlier, but now looks like deserted ruins ... your face looks like a playground of Panipat
# 6
Tum kya samajhte ho kanoon koi khilona hai, mujrimon ke samne bauna hai? ... arre ab toh wohi hoga joh hona hai
Do you think the law is a toy, a dwarf in front of criminals? ... now only that will happen what is suppose to happen
# 7
Jab tak chance rahega baki ... main nahi bandwaonga rakhi
Until there is a chance ... I won't get the thread of brotherhood tied from you
# 8
Log phoolon ki khushboo ko bhool jaate hai lekin kaanton ki chuban ko nahi bhoolte
People can forget the fragrance from a flower but they can't forget the sting from thorns
# 9
Mujhpe aaisa aarop ... ab dekh mera prakop
Such an allegation is put on me ... now see my fury
# 10
Duniya mein ek hi Majnu hai, duniya mein ek hi Laila hai ... ek haath mein glass pakado, doosre haath mein thaila hai
There is only one Majnu in the world, there is only one Laila in the world ... hold the glass in one hand and hold a bag in the other hand
# 11
Gaadi aur meri aadat kuch milti jhulti hai ... chalte chalte chalti hai aur rukte rukte rukti hai
The habits of this car and me are somewhat same ... it moves when it's moving and stop's when it's stopping
# 12
Bhagwan jisse kisi kaam ke liye pehda nahi karta na ... usse seth bana deta hai
When God creates a person to do nothing ... he makes him the boss
# 13
Kar liya bahut kuch maine ab aur kuch karne ko jee chahta hai ... maar diya bahuton ko maine, ab marne ko jee chahta hai
I have done a lot and now I feel like doing something else ... I have killed many but now I wish to die
# 14
Ek din woh aaisa hungama karega aur unka blood pressure itna bad jayega ... ki sirf pressure hoga, blood nahi hoga
One day he'll do such a commotion and his blood pressure will increase so much that ... only pressure will be there and no blood
# 15
Humse poocho ki haqeeqat kya hai ... tum jisse apni mohabbat de do, usko daulat ki zaroorat kya hai
Ask me what's the reality ... the person whom you'll give your love, has no need for money
# 16
Joh kabhi nahi daantte ... woh bahut sakht daantte hai
Those who never scold ... they scold very badly
# 17
Duniya mein joh apni hasti bhool jaata hai ... duniya bhi uski hasti bhool jaati hai
The one who forgets about his existence in the world ... even the world forgets about his existence
# 18
Pajame ne kaha dhoti se ... bane hum dono ek dhaage se ... farak agar hai hum mein toh sirf itna ... tu khulti peeche se, main aage se
The pajama said to a loincloth ... we both are made from one thread ... if there is a difference between us then it's only that ... you open from the back and I open from the front
# 19
Insaan apni umar se, apne aaude se chota bada ho sakta hai ... lekin haqeeqat mein insaan apni bahaduri se, apne kaam se chota bada hota hai
A person can be small or big by his age and by his position ... but in reality a person is small or big by his courage and by his work
# 20
Atyachari, durachari ... tu jaanta hai main hoon bal-brahmachari
You oppressive, vicious person ... you know that I'm a celibate
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