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Varun Dhawan

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# 41
Life mein main sirf do cheezon ki izzat karta hoon ... ek maa aur doosra khana ... kyun ki ek humein janam deti hai aur doosri humein zinda rakhti hai
I only respect two things in life ... one is a mother and other is food ... because one gives us birth and the other keep us alive
# 42
Inquilaab khoon bahake laaya jaata hai ... baatein karke nahi
Revolution is created by shedding your blood ... not by just talking about it
# 43
Iski pehli line aafat thi ... lekin last line mein rahat thi
His first line was a disaster ... but there was peace in his last line
# 44
Salamat hai har woh bete ka papa ... jiske saath hai Ganpati Bappa
Every son's father is safe ... whoever has Lord Ganesha by their side
# 45
Pehle line mein honesty ... doosre line mein molesty
Honesty in the first line ... and molesty in the second line
# 46
Sab badiya hai
Everything is great
# 47
Ab zindagi ki cycle pe toh maarna padega pedal ... chahe mile ya na mile medal
Now we'll have to push the pedal on the cycle of life ... whether we get a medal or not
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