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Imran Khan

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# 21
Himmat ko aage badhne ke liye pairo ki zaroorat nahi hoti
To move forward with courage one does not need legs
# 22
Pyar mein aadmi cutting chai jaisa hota hai ... na pyaas bhujti hai na mann bharta hai
In love a man is like a cup of tea ... neither the thirst goes away and neither you are satisfied
# 23
Candle ki roshni mein teri aankhen aaisi lag rahi hai jaise ... police jeep ki headlight
In candlelight your eyes look like ... the headlight of the police jeep
# 24
Main ek din mein do galat kaam nahi karta
I don't do two wrong things in one day
# 25
Luck ek hi cheez ki guarantee ke saath aata hai ... ki woh kabhi bhi badal sakta hai
Luck comes only with one guarantee ... that it can change anytime
# 26
Tujhe seekhne mein do janam lagenge ... mera paas ek hi hai
It will take you two lives to learn ... I only have one
# 27
Jahan mile dost ko jughaad ... dosti ho gayi kabaad
When a friend gets a makeshift ... then the friendship goes scrap
# 28
Bambai chalti do cheezon par hai ... ek luck, doosri local
Mumbai runs on two things ... one luck, and other local train
# 29
You give dhyan ... I give gyan
You pay attention ... and I will teach
# 30
Yeh pyar ke pange hai ... is mein pyar se kuch nahi hota
These are issues of love ... and love can't do anything in it
# 31
Yeh Bambai hai ... yahan bolneka thank le aur vatak le
This is Mumbai ... here you should say thank you and get lost
# 32
Majboori ek hi baar hoti hai ... agli baar nahi, kabhi nahi
You can be compelled once ... not the next time, never
# 33
Kuch patte aaise khulte hai ... joh khelne waale ko hi pack kar dete hai
Some cards open in a way that ... it packs the person playing the game
# 34
Main dost se pyar kiya aur tumne pyar se dosti ki
I loved a friend and you did friendship with your love
# 35
Rishta space se nahi ... saath rehkar banta hai
Relationships are made by staying together ... not by giving space
# 36
Khushi, khushi tab hoti hai ... jab woh baanti jaaye
Happiness only becomes happiness ... when it is shared
# 37
Mujhe ladna nahi tha ... par tune koi choice nahi chhoda
I didn't want to fight ... but you left me with no other choice
# 38
Kabhi kabhi life mein aaisa lagta hai ki hum sach-much udh sakte hai ... aaisa lagta hai ki yeh ek mauka sirf hamare liye banaya gaya hai
Sometimes in life you feel as if you can really fly ... it feels as if this one opportunity is only made for us
# 39
Kisi aur se pyar karne se pehle, khud se pyar karna seekho ... long term mein yahi kaam aayega
Learn to love yourself, before you love anyone else ... it will be useful in the long term
# 40
Aapki beti ek jeeti jaagti tension ki machine hai
Your daughter is a living machine of tension
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