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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Release Year - 2011
# 1
Ladke pappu hote hai ... pappu ko lollipop dikhao, apne aap control mein aa jayega
Boys are like kids ... show them a lollipop, and they will themselves come under control
# 2
I will miss you ... a lot se bhi zyada
I will miss you ... more than a lot
# 3
Aisa thappad padega na ... toh yeh sari filminess nikal jayegi
I will slap you ... and all this style of yours will come out
# 4
Yeh hoti hai asli ladki ... chutki mein Bipasha, chutki mein Madhubala
This is a real girl ... she is Bipasha in a flash, and she is Madhubala in a flash
# 5
UP aaye aur sala bhang nahi piya toh kya khaakh UP aaye
If you've come to Uttar Pradesh and haven't had bhang, then you haven't really come to Uttar Pradesh
# 6
Tum itni saaf ho ki tumhe aas paas ki gandagi dikhti hi nahi hai
You are so clean that you can't see the dirtiness around you
# 7
Beer hi duniya mein ek aisi cheez hai ... joh din bhar ki thakaan chutki mein mitta deti hai
Beer is the only thing in this world ... which can erase all the tiredness of the day in a moment
# 8
Saale tune toh real life mein film ki kahani likh di
You have created a movie story in real life
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