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Release Year - 1986
# 1
Aaj kal toh do hi logon ko kaam milta hai ... joh bahut neeche hai, mazdoori karte hai ... ya toh bahut oonche hai ... is jaise beech waale logon ka haal toh beech waalon jaisa ho gaya hai ... taali bajao aur paisa maango
Nowadays only two types of people get work ... those who are at the bottom, who do the labour work ... or those who are at the top ... the condition of people like him in the middle has become that of eunuchs ... clap your hands and ask for money
# 2
Asli sazaa toh woh hoti hai ... joh gunahgar zindagi bhar bhugatta rahe
A real punishment is one that ... the culprit bears it for his entire life
# 3
Maike se aaja biwi, teri yaad mein ho gayi TB ... main kheer samajhkar kha loonga, teri jooti bhi teri gaali bhi
Oh my wife come back from your father's house, I'm having TB (tuberculosis) remembering you ... I'll even bear your shoes and curses, thinking it is a dessert
# 4
Woh nahi koi aur sahi ... koi aur nahi koi aur sahi
If it's not her then it will be someone else ... and if it's not someone else then it will be someone else
# 5
Shraddha sirf bhagwan par rakhi ja sakti hai, yeh tumse kisne kaha bete? ... woh toh apne mann ki bhavna hai ... shraddha toh apni maa, baap, desh, apne log, apna kaam, kisi par bhi rakhi ja sakti hai ... yeh wohi shraddha hai joh har insaan ko burre kaam karne se rokti hai ... achche kaam karvane par majboor karti hai ... jis din yeh shraddha nasht hui mann se ... hum janwaron se zyada kuch nahi rahenge
My son who told you that faith can only kept in god? ... it is the emotion of our heart ... faith can be kept in our mother, father, country, our people, our work, anything ... it is faith that stops a man from doing wrong things ... and compels him to do good things ... the day this faith gets destroyed from our heart ... we will be nothing but animals
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Itni Shakti Humein Dena DaataItni Shakti Humein Dena Daata
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