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Allah Rakha

Release Year - 1986
# 1
Pathan ka lafz aur mayaan se nikla talwar ... kabhi vapas nahi jaati
The words of a Pathan and the sword from a scabbard ... never go back
# 2
Is shareer par vaasna ke itne daag hai ... ki yeh behta khoon bhi inhe dhoh nahi sakta
There are so many marks of sexual desires on this body ... that even this flowing blood can't clean it
# 3
Zeherilay saanp zyada din zinda nahi rehte ... ek na ek din kisi ki laathi uska sar kuchalkar rakh deti hai
Poisonous snakes don't live long ... one day or the other someone's stick smashes their head
# 4
Zindagi mein Allah aur maa ke baad is roti ko izzat di hai ... isse main zameen par girakar beizzat nahi hone doonga
In life after god and my mother, I've respected food ... and I won't disrespect it by dropping it on the ground
# 5
Bikke huye logon ki zindagi aur maut ... khareedne waalon ke haathon mein hoti hai
The life and death of the people who are sold ... is in the hands of the people who buy them
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