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Tum Bin

Release Year - 2001
# 1
Yaad kuch yun rakhna ki tumhare jeene ke kaam aa sakoon
Remember me in such a way that I can be helpful in your life
# 2
Janta hoon aapko sahare ki zaroorat nahi ... main sirf saath dene aaya hoon
I know you don't need support ... I have come only to give you company
# 3
Manzil par pahunchne ki khushi tabhi hoti hai jab ... humsafar saath hoon
The happiness you get in reaching a destination ... only comes when companions are together
# 4
Yeh emotions bhi kitne stupid hote hain na ... logic hi nahi samajhte
These emotions also are so stupid ... they don't understand the logic
# 5
Hum aur zindagi umar bhar ek doosre se ladte rehte hai ... aur anth mein jeetti maut hai
We and life fight with each other for the entire lifespan ... and in the end death wins
# 6
Bank account ke figure mein jitne shunya badhte jaate hai ... zindagi ka shunya utna bada hota jaata hai
The number of zeroes that keep adding to the figure in the bank account ... makes the zero of life that much bigger
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