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Release Year - 1997
# 1
Main shehar ki dahshat ko mitane ke liye kanoon ke ek aaise muhafiz ko tainaat karoonga ... joh kanoon ki aan ke liye apni jaan bhi de sakta hai ... joh vardi ki shaan ke liye dono jahan se ladh sakta hai
To end the terror in the city I'll deploy such a guardian of the law ... who can give his life for the honour of the law ... and who can fight against both the worlds for the reputation of the police uniform
# 2
Mana ki bandook aur talwar mein bahut dum hai ... lekin kalam aur kalam ki awaaz hazaron bandookon aur lakhon talwaron par bhari hai
I agree that there is a lot of power in a gun and a sword ... but a pen and the words from a pen can overcome thousands of guns and millions of swords
# 3
Yeh vardi mehaz sood ka dagha nahi ... Hindustan ki izzat hai
This police uniform is not only a piece of thread ... it's the honour of India
# 4
Maut aur zindagi ki lakeer toh pehda hote hi uparwaala likh deta hai
The lines of life and death are written by god when you're born
# 5
Main kanoon ka woh ajgar hoon joh dasta nahi ... nighal jaata hai
I'm a python of the law who doesn't bite ... but simply swallows
# 6
Yahan khaki vardi ka nahi ... gundagardi ka raj chalta hai
Here hooliganism rules ... and not the police uniform
# 7
Police, gundagardi aur politics ek mala mein pehrohe hue motiyon ke samaan hai ... aur in teeno mein se kisi ek ko kasht ho jaye toh ek doosre ke hamdard ban jaate hai
Police, hooliganism and politics are pearls tied together in one necklace ... and if any one amongst them is in trouble then they share the pain in between them
# 8
Yeh zameenay jispar apna raj kayam karna chahte ho ... ek din tumhare liye kabristan ban jayega
The lands where you want to build your empire ... one day they will become a graveyard for you
# 9
Kanoon hum mein phaasne ke liye rozana dus raaste banata hai ... aur hum usse nikalne ke liye sau raaste banate hai
The law plans 10 ideas everyday to catch me ... and I plan 100 ideas to escape from them
# 10
Saanp ke toh sirf daant mein zehar hota hai ... meri har saans mein zehar hai
A snake has poison only in his fangs ... but I have poison in every breath of mine
# 11
Journalist mar sakta hai ... journalism nahi
A journalist can die ... but not journalism
# 12
Kanoon ke dushmano ko main chitta ki raakh bana deta hoon
I turn enemies of the law into ashes of the pyre
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