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Chachi 420

Release Year - 1997
# 1
Tum ek bahut badi daayan ho joh apne aap ko Draupadi se kam nahi samajhti hai
You are a big witch who thinks she is not any less than Draupadi
# 2
Kanoon shaadi ko todh sakta hai ... pyar ko nahi
The law can break a marriage ... but not love
# 3
Chandni Chowk mein chandni raat mein chachi ne chacha ko chandi ke chamach se chutney chatayi
Aunty fed uncle chutney in a silver spoon in Chandni Chowk on a night with the moon
# 4
Zindagi sirf pyar par nahi palti ... zindagi chalane ke liye paisa chahiye, aaram chahiye, rutba chahiye
Life doesn't live only on love ... for life to move you need money, relaxation, status
# 5
Yeh toh trailer hai ... sari ki sari shooting karti toh puri video library bhar jaati
This is just a trailer ... if I would have shot the entire film then the whole video library would have got filled
# 6
Main bardasht karna bhi jaanta hoon aur saans lena bhi jaanta hoon
I know how to tolerate and also how to breathe
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