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Hariyali Aur Rasta

Release Year - 1962
# 1
Mohabbat ki raah par chalne waalo ki taqdeer mein pyar ki hariyali nahi ... kaanto bhara raasta hota hai
Those who walk on the path of love don't get the greenery of love in their destiny ... they get a path full of thorns
# 2
Lipat jaate hai woh bijli ki darr se ... ilahi yeh ghata do din toh barse
She hugs me fearing the lightning ... oh god let this rain fall for a couple of days
# 3
Joh marr jaate hai woh sitare ban jaate hai ... taaki unke bachche unko roz dekh sake
Those who die they turn into stars ... so that their kids can see them everyday
# 4
Mazhab aur karobar do alag alag cheezein hai ... inko mix karne waala hamesha bhookha marta hai
Religion and business are two different things ... the one who mixes them always dies hungry
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