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Mr. Bond

Release Year - 1992
# 1
Maine aasoon bechkar daulat nahi kamai ... joh aasoon dekhkar daulat luta doon
I am not going to shell my wealth looking at the tears ... since I haven't sold my tears to make my wealth
# 2
Jab kuch karne aur na karne dono mein hi risk ho ... toh kuch karna hi achcha hota hai
When there is a risk in both doing and not doing something ... then it's better to do something
# 3
Shyam hote hi tanhaiyan mujhe til-til maarne lagti hai ... aaise mein agar koi saathi saath na ho, toh aasoon bhi gale mil-mil behne lagte hai
When the sun sets my loneliness starts to kill me slowly slowly ... and if someone is not with me at that time, then my tears start to flow drop by drop
# 4
Saanp apne dushman ki tasveer apni aankhon mein utaar leta hai ... Bond apne dushmanon ka nishaan apne baazu saja leta hai ... apna apna style hai
A snake prints the photo of his enemy in his eyes ... and Bond decorates the mark of his enemies on his hand ... everyone has their own style
# 5
Kaali billi bhi agar mera rasta kaat jaye toh mujhe kuch nahi hoga ... balki woh mar jayegi
Nothing will happen to me even if a black cat cuts my path ... instead the cat will die
# 6
Tumne mere bhai ke jism se jitne khoon ke katre bahaye hai ... main tumhare jism ko cheerkar utne hi hisson mein baant doonga
The number of blood drops that you have shed of my brother ... I'll cut and distribute that many pieces of your body
# 7
Ek maa ki fariyad jab woh dil cheerkar, aasunyon se nahakar nikalti hai ... toh joh cheez aag aur tezaab se jalti ... usse jala deti hai
When the appeal of a mother comes out tearing the heart and bathing in tears ... then it can even burn the thing ... which doesn't get burnt by fire and acid
# 8
Khoobsurat ladkiyan aur machliyan ek jaisi nahi hoti ... unhe pakadne ke liye kuch aaisi chaalein chalni padti hai, jisse woh pakad mein aa jaye ... aur agar woh na aaye toh khud unke paas jaana padta hai
Pretty girls and fishes are not the same ... you have to play some smart moves to catch them, so that they come in captivity ... and if they themselves do not come then we ourselves have to go to them
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