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Evergreen Dialogues

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# 41
Rukjao ... kanoon ko apne haath mein mat lo
Stop ... don't take law in your own hands
# 42
Main tumhare bina nahin jee sakti
I cannot live without you
# 43
Har cheez ka ek waqt hota hai
There is a time for everything
# 44
Hato na ... log kya kahenge?
Move over ... what will people say?
# 45
Hum sar kata sakte hai ... lekin sar jhuka nahi sakte
We can get our head sliced off ... but we can't bow our head down
# 46
Itne paise tum kahan se laiye?
From where did you get so much money?
# 47
Mulzim ko ba-izzat bari kiya jaata hai
The accused is not guilty and free to go
# 48
Maa main first class first pass ho gaya hoon
Mom i have passed in first class first
# 49
Tumhe charo taraf se gher liya gaya hai apne aap ko police ke hawale kar do
You have been cornered on all fours sides surrender yourself to the police
# 50
Kanoon ke haath bahut lambe hote hain
Hands of law are very long
# 51
Kabhi kabhi joh hum soochte hai woh hota nahi hai ... aur joh hota hai woh hum soochte nahi hai
Sometimes what we think doesn't even happen ... and what happens we don't think about it
# 52
Muddai lakh bura chahe to kya hota hai ... wohi hota hai joh manzoore khuda hota hai
No matter how much evil people think for you ... only that will happen, what god wants to happen
# 53
Dil ki awaaz kabhi galat nahi hoti
The voice of the heart is never wrong
# 54
Kuch baatein aaisi hoti hai joh kahi nahi jaati ... sirf samjhi jaati hai
There are some things that cannot be said ... they are simply understood
# 55
Kehne aur karne mein bada fark hota hai
There is a big difference between saying and doing
# 56
Meri zindagi ka matlab hi uski barbadi hai
The meaning of my life is his destruction
# 57
Ab mujhe khuda bhi nahin rok sakta
Now even God can't stop me
# 58
Bhaagne ki koshish mat karna
Don't try to run
# 59
Driver ... gaadi roko!
Driver ... stop the car!
# 60
Door ho ja meri nazron se
Get away from my eyes
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