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Evergreen Dialogues

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# 61
Abe chapadganju!
You fool!
# 62
Tum mere liye mar chuke ho
You have died for me
# 63
Todna bahut aasaan hota hai ... jodna bahut mushkil
It's very easy to break ... but very hard to join
# 64
Sari khudai ek taraf, joru ki bhai ek taraf
The whole world can be on one side, but I'll be on my brother-in-law's side
# 65
Baat cheet se bade bade masle hal hote hai
You can solve very complex problems with dialogue
# 66
Jisne jaisa boya, usne waisa paaya
You reap what you sow
# 67
Maarne waale se hamesha ... bachane waala bada hota hai
A person who saves is always ... bigger than the person who attacks
# 68
Chaubees ghante tak hosh nahin aaya toh?
If he does not gain consciousness in 24 hrs then?
# 69
Maine tumhe kya samjha ... aur tum kya nikle?
What did I think about you ... and what you turned out to be?
# 70
Main kahan hoon?
Where am I?
# 71
Beti tu toh paraya dhan hai
Daughter you are someone else's wealth
# 72
Agar tum paanch lakh leker puraney killey pe nahin aiye, to main tumhari maa ko goli se udaa doongaa
If you don't get five hundred thousand to the old fort, then I will fly your mom with a bullet
# 73
Main tumahara ehsaan zindagi bhar nahin bhoolonga
In life I will never be able to forget your favor
# 74
Boss maal pakda gaya
Boss goods got caught
# 75
Bol bol heere kahan chuppa rakhe hai
Tell tell where have you hidden the diamonds
# 76
Bhagwan pe bharosa rakho sab thik ho jayega
Have faith in god everything will be alright
# 77
Gawaaoon key bayaanat aur saboot ko madde nazar rakhtey ... taz-e-raate-hind dafaa 302 ke tahet ... muzrim ko sazaaye maut di jaati hai
On statements from the witnesses and keeping the proofs in mind ... by Indian penal code section 302 ... the accussed is punished to be hanged till death
# 78
Dushman lakh bura chahe toh kya hota hai ... wohi hota hai joh manzure khuda hota hai
So what if an enemy wishes for something bad a million times ... what god wants only that will happen
# 79
Yeh dhamki nahi chetavani hai
This is not a threat, it's a warning
# 80
Hum dhood ka dhood aur pani ka pani kar denge
I will separate milk from water and make everything clear
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