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Evergreen Dialogues

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# 81
Mauka mila nahi karta ... mauka dhoonda jaata hai
You don't get an opportunity ... you search for an opportunity
# 82
Is duniya ke khel bahut niraale hai
The games of this world are very strange
# 83
Mushkil mein toh gadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai
In hard times you have to even make a donkey as your father
# 84
Dost hi toh dost ke kaam aata hai
A friend comes handy to a friend in need
# 85
Kaan khol ke sun lo
Open your ears and listen
# 86
Main tumhare aankhon mein aasoon nahin dekh sakta
I cannot see tears in your eyes
# 87
Mujhe tumhaare is behte hue khoon ki kasam
I swear on your running blood
# 88
Yeh khoon maine kiya hai, my lord
My lord, I have done this murder
# 89
Police ko tum jaise naujawaano par naaz hai
Police is proud of youngsters like you
# 90
Arre ... isse toh tezz bukhaar hai
Oh ... he has high fever
# 91
Bhaiyon aur behnon!
Brothers and sisters!
# 92
Jiski chah hoti hai ... uski raah mil hi jaati hai
The thing that you have a desire for ... you'll eventually find a way to get that
# 93
Subah ka bhoola shaam ko ghar laut aaye ... toh usse bhoola nahi kehte
If one realises his mistake and mends it later ... then he is no longer wrong
# 94
Tumhari baaton se gaddari ki boo aa rahi hai
I can smell unfaithfulness from your words
# 95
Kismat kharab ho toh untt pe baithe aadmi ko bhi kutta kaat leta hai
If your luck is bad then a dog will bite you even if you are sitting on a camel
# 96
Agar main bach gaya na ... toh tu nahin bachega
If I survive ... then you won't survive
# 97
Tum is khandan ki bahu kabhi nahi ban sakti
You can never become a daughter-in-law of this family
# 98
Tumhare ghar mein maa behen nahin hai kya?
Don't you have a mother or sister in your house?
# 99
Hum barbaad ho gaye
We are ruined
# 100
Judge sahab, maine khoon nahi kiya hai
Sir, I have not done the murder
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