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# 1
Ek aurat ke liye pyar karne mein aur uska izhaar karne mein koi farak nahi hai ... lekin mardon ke liye pyar karna bahut aasaan hai, pyar ka izhaar karna bahut mushkil
For a woman there is no difference between loving and expressing love ... but for a man loving is very easy, but expressing love is very hard
# 2
Ek aurat ki zindagi mein motor, banglay, dhan, daulat, in sab cheezon ki koi keemat nahi ... usse sirf ek acha pati chahiye joh usse pyar kare ... aur jiske kadamon mein woh apni duniya rakh de
Car, bungalows, money, wealth have no value in a woman's life ... she only needs a good husband who loves her ... and under whose feet she can keep her world
# 3
Har subah yeh ek nayi maut marega
Every morning he will die a new death
# 4
Jab hum budhe hone lagte hai toh hamari aankhen kamzor ho jaati hai ... lekin hamare dil ko pehle se zyada saaf nazar aata hai
When we grow old our eyes become weak ... but our heart is able to see much more clearer than before
# 5
Aadmi ke peeche bhaagna, usse khud se door bhagana hai ... usse bhaagne do tumhare peeche
Running behind a man is like making him run away from you ... let him run behind you
# 6
Suhaag ki raat sirf do shareero ka hi nahi ... do dilon ka, do jeevano ka sangam hota hai
The nuptial night is not only the union of two bodies ... but also of two hearts and two lifes
# 7
Aadmi se hamesha ek baat chupake rakhna ... ki us mein tumhe dard pahunchane ki taqat hai
Always keep one thing hidden from a man ... that he has the power of hurting you
# 8
Aadmi ka dhyan paana ho ... toh usse dhyan mat do
If you want to get a man's attention ... then don't give him attention
# 9
Hamara dil woh dekh sakta hai joh hamari aankhen nahi dekh paati
Our heart can see what our eyes can't see
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