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O Sanam

O Sanam

Lucky Ali
Release Year - 1996

Lyrics Translation
Shaam savere teri yaadein aati haiI keep remembering you morning and evening
Aake dil ko mere yoon tadpati haiThose memories come and torment my heart
O sanam mohabbat ki kasamO beloved, I swear on our love

Milke bichadna toh dastoor ho gayaIt's become a tradition to separate after meeting
Yaadon mein teri majboor ho gayaI've become helpless in your memories
O sanam teri yaadon ki kasamO beloved, I swear on these memories

Samjhe zamana ke dil he khilonaThe world thinks that the heart is a toy
Jaana hai ab kya hai dil ka laganaNow I understand what it is to give someone your heart
Nazaron se ab na humko giranaNow don't let me fall from your good graces
Mar bhi gaye toh bhool na jaanaDon't forget me even if I die

Aankhon mein basi ho par door ho kahinYou live in my eyes but yet you're far away
Dil ke kareeb ho yeh mujhko hai yakeenI still believe that you're close to my heart
O sanam tere pyar ki kasamO beloved, I swear on our love
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